Invention of future game of london: Hungry shark

Future Games of London has given another gift to the Hungry Shark series’ fans when they released its fifth sequel, the Hungry Shark Evolution, in October 2012. The fishing game features 13 great sharks that, just like their live counterparts, have strong jaws and can eat whatever they can reach. Their only difference is that the online versions have separate tasks that need to be completed before the creature dies.
The game begins when you choose one shark out of the 13. Each of them has a special set of missions to accomplish. There are eight minor quests all in all, and you have to find the succeeding ones before you leave the current assignment. The mission shells are present only in the first seven tasks, for the reason that if and when you can finish the eighth operation, the game will automatically bring your shark to the major mission.
The end goal is to set all the creatures free. You can say that it is some sort of a survival game, because other sea animals will try to stop the sharks from completing every mission. Thus, you should replenish their strength by consuming all the items that you will pass through. Apart from that, rewards and coins are aplenty under the ocean. They can be spent on the Accessory Shop, where you can get useful gears to support your attacks.
You can purchase and see the evolution of the sharks when you click on the Top Secret Lab. To unlock this option, you have to obtain over 500,000 points in the mission. Such points will increase depending on how fast you can kill the other creatures. If you run out of coins, on the other hand, seek the treasures when you play, as they provide lots of coins for the players.
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