Free xbox live codes by completing simple surveys

You want to get free xbox live codes so you can spend your money on new xbox 360 games? Just read this simple guide below. Also view the images to the right, I really did receive my free Xbox Live points.

Fist- Sign up for an account at our site
Signing up for a free account is so simple. Enter the required information such as name, email, and address. You must provide a truthful address otherwise your Xbox Live codes will be shipped to someone else! You do not want that to happen after you completed the no cost surveys.

Sign up to our site now and get xbox live while reading this step by step guide.

Second- Complete as many free surveys you want
After you sign up for an account, you will need to complete surveys (that are 100% free) to cover the cost of your Xbox Live subscription. By covering the cost of the reward, it truely does become a free gift for you. Completing these surveys only take minutes and you can do so by setting up an email account from GMail, Yahoo, or elsewhere to keep your private email, more private. The companies that provide the surveys depend on your honesty and with out your honesty,
there will be no reward waiting for you.

*You can use an auto form filler to make the 2 minute surveys turn into 2 second surveys.

Third- Claim the free reward you want: Xbox Live Gold Card
After you have completed the necessary surveys, you will now be able to claim the Xbox Subscription you have been wanting. Simply click on the Xbox link in your members page and the points will be deducted from your account. After the admins process your free reward request, you will receive it in the mail.

*You can contact the admins to see if they will send the Xbox Live Code to your email.

Optional Step- Refer users to earn more points
Maybe you ran out of surveys or maybe you simply would like to speed up the process in getting your Xbox Live for free. has a generous referral system in which you earn 100% of the points your referral earns. Every point your friend earns, you will earn as well. Include your referral link in your signature at multiple web forums to increase the exposure of your link. You will have multiple rewards in no time.

If you want more tips to get referrals, refer to my Tips page.

If you have not signed up to get your xbox live codes, do so now.

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